Is that REALLY a Seeburg 1000 on the stream?

In most cases, no.  One of my projects is to digitize all the records I have picked up along the way.  This allows me to clean them up, remove the pops & clicks, and make them sounds as good as they did back in 1963.  When I am done, there should be about 6,000 individual tracks.  Those tracks are being played on a radio station automation system called Station Playlist and then encoded using a SHOUTcast server.

My reason for doing this is:

  • It’s fun…that’s why they call it “a hobby”
  • Records, especially ones nearly 50 years old, can on occation get stuck, and if I’m at work or asleep, it could stay stuck for 8 hours…a disc jockey’s nightmare!
  • Safety!  While these units are built like tanks, they are 50 years old and who knows if a motor might burn up and set the place on fire.

But occasionally I will hook them up.  When one of the units is actually on-line, I’ll post a notice on the front page of this site.